Touch Table for Yachts

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How will Kara change your life on board?


Kara helps to interact to more users at the same time and helps to your conviviality

Integrated environment

All elements of your yacht are connected to one interface: GPS, engine, reels, tanks, camera and more!


Kara lets you enjoy all Windows Store applications and gives you a 40” HD display to watch your favorite movies.


Kara helps you support many users for a more friendly multiple-user experience.


4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, gyroscopic sensors ... Kara communicates with your entire yacht to give you the best onboard experience.

And more...

We can custom develop connected applications [according to/specific to] your needs… The limit? Your imagination!

Kara is revolutionary

Kara gives you a new level of connectivity and will transform your onboard life: More security, ease of use, sharing and intelligence will help you make the right choices throughout your journey...

  • Kara is secure and reliable, and has superior hardware and software
  • Kara is easy to use for a better experience
  • As a table, a desk, or a TV, Kara will serve any purpose you choose
  • Kara has connectivity to protect you and connect throughout your yacht

Kara's story

When I was a child I had the chance to live a magical experience: I traveled with my family on the largest free area in the world – the ocean.
For our journeys we had a sailboat ... and in my eyes there were no constraints. I was content to experience the many unique sensations without thinking of currents, wind, security, or sources of energy.
A few years later I realized that these trips were not so simple. The sea requires much discipline and many skills to manage the daily requirements of a vessel and its handling.
These sensations I experienced, freed from the constraints of the sea, I wanted to share with you. From my dreams was born a project to redesign the boat – to redesign the yacht to create the future by integrating all of the new technologies around a simple idea: To support marine adventures to the end of the world.

I called this project Kara.


Kara integrated in an Allure 39.9
from Allure Yachting.


Some nice view of Kara